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Incredible India

India's riot of colour, activity and history will appeal to the imagination of every true Asia traveller. Imagine yourself staying in some of the most charming and romantic palaces in Rajasthan or travelling on the private toy train of the Maharaja's - The Palace on Wheels. Walk on the white sheets of snow on the awe inspiring high altitude plateau of Ladakh. Ride on a boat at an exotic labyrinth of canals and lagoons at the Kerala or take your beloved to the world's greatest monument to Love - The Taj Mahal. Toss-up between chilled out relaxing or charged up partying on tropical Goa's, small but beach busting coast. All are part of the magical mix that makes India an experience so rewarding and unbelievable.

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From the cackle of its colour-charged cities to the luminous splendour of its sun-kissed desert, Rajasthan is romantic India wrapped in gaudy royal robes. Here the fearsome Rajput warrior clans ruled with gilt-edged swords, plundered wealth and blood-thick chivalrous codes.

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Ladakh is bound by mountains and made up of mountains. Sheer walls of rock and ice divide the Indus Valley from Tibet, Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, and human habitation is restricted to narrow strips of greenery clinging to the rivers that drain down from mountain glaciers. This rugged region is home to one of the last undisturbed Tantric Buddhist populations on earth, protected from colonial interference, rampaging Mughals and the ravages of the Cultural Revolution by sheer force of geography.

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Fringing the coast of Kerala and winding far inland is a vast network of lagoons, lakes, rivers and canals. Travelling the Kerala is one of the highlights of a visit to Kerala. The larger boats... . A comprehensive listing of backwater tours throughout Kerala is available in the brochure The Kerala