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God's Own Greece

Greece tour packages

Chalikounas Beach (sometimes spelt Halikounas Beach) is a hidden treasure. It is only away from the main tourist beaches that Chalikounas Beach exposes its own charm and beauty. The wide sandy beach stretches along Lake Korission dividing the lake and the open sea. Corfu – or Kerkyra (ker-kih-rah) in Greek – is the second-largest and the greenest Ionian island. It was Homer's 'beautiful and rich land', and Odysseus' last stop on his journey home to Ithaki. Shakespeare reputedly used it as a background for The Tempest. With the nation's highest rainfall, scores of vegetables and herbs thrive here, especially in spring. With its beguiling landscape of wildflowers, and cypress trees rising out of shimmering olive groves, Corfu hangs in there as one of Greece's most beautiful islands.



  • Aqualand located in AgiosIoannis village is the third largest water park in the world.
  • The Byzantine Castle of Gardiki is located on the southern side of Corfu, close to Agios Matheosvillage.
  • Achillion Palace was built in 1890 exclusively for Elizabeth, the Empress of Austria.
  • Remains of Kassiopi Tower, constructed in the Medieval times.
  • Mouse Island near Corfu is beautiful with abundant greenery and wonderful scenery.